Aerosol Foam Fire Extinguishing Spray Premium 750ml


NZ$ 36.00
NZ$ 72.00

Fire class: A B D E F
Electric fires up to 1000V
Filling agents: H2O, foam AFFF, N2
Capacity: 750ml netto
Cooling & pre-cooling effects
No toxic materials
Environmentally friendly
"Temperature range: (-5 ºC to 50 ºC)*
Stream: 3-4 meters
Working time: 25 sec
Holder included


ReinoldMax Premium 750

Temperature range: (-5 ºC to 50 ºC)
For cars, boats, caravans or for BBQ and camping we suggest ReinoldMax 750ml or ReinoldMax 1000ml. This ecological fire extinguishing spray is suitable for all types of fires including electric equipment up to 1000V. The main difference is longer spraying time. The filling of ReinoldMax is AFFF foam produced by DuPont - the best possible extinguishing solution for aerosol fire extinguishing spray. It is our duty to remind you that ReinoldMax is an extra fire safety product for all types of starting fires

How does it works

ReinoldMax fire extinguishing spray is a unique product. It makes cooling and percolation effects extinguishing all types of fire. It affects a fire seat not only by separating oxygen from flame, but also by decreasing the temperature of the fire seat swiftly. Immediately after the fire is stopped the fire seat has already been cooled off. This feature is indispensable for cooling hot surfaces or liquidation of fire under a hot hood of a car. These extinguishing processes not only prevent against the flame but also do not allow re-ignition.


Using ReinoldMax fire extinguishing sprays you will quickly liquidate wood, paper, inflammable fluids, fat, oil, car, metal, rubber and plastic fires. Extinguishes any type of household fire or electric equipment up to 1000V at starting fire stage. ReinoldMax is fire protection for your car, boat, motor home, caravan, self-propelled machinery, lawnmowers, ride-on, site-by- site, X-bikes, trucks, off-road vehicles, 4X4, camping, barbecues, etc. The can of ReinoldMax fire extinguishing spray must be kept all the time in vertical position